Introduction To My Style

I try to get a wide variety of subjects in my buttons, yet that is not as easy as it could be  sometimes. My personal style is very cute and bright and colorful, or leans to specific characters. It took a lot of pushing from friends to get me to make buttons with phrases on them, and those have turned out to be some of my best sellers! You never know what will sell–I have made a couple of buttons of popular characters that I thought would sell like hotcakes, but they sit almost unnoticed in my listings. Other buttons that I thought would cater to a select few have taken off like rockets. You just can’t predict these kinds of things.

Anyway, I thought I would give you a taste of some of my work. You can see it all at my shop. Remember, the URL is

Hopalong, little bunny

Decisions, decisions....

Warriors of Love

And just for giggles and kicks, here is one of my 1.25 inch buttons. I prefer to use the bigger 2.25 inch ones but the small ones have their place too. The 1.25 inch buttons are slightly bigger than a quarter.

Soft Yet Fierce

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2 Responses to Introduction To My Style

  1. My favorite is the bunny, followed by the zombies.

  2. That actually surprises me. The zombies one is my bestseller–I’ve sold…five of them, I think? It’s more than any other button I’ve sold. I honestly expected that one to get praise first.

    I am very pleased you like the bunny one so much! It’s one of my favorites. I adore cute and fluffy. ^_~

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