Yay! New Background!

I planned to have a spiffy background back when I made this blog, and one of my best friends was kind enough to come over this afternoon and make it for me. I was just going to have a bunch of buttons scattered across a background that took up most of the page, looking like someone had just thrown them down. There was not any thought on what the buttons would be laying on, or color scheme, or anything beyond the initial idea. So when she suggested that we make a virtual corkboard and spread out only five or six pins across it like they were pinned up on a flair board, it was easy to change my mind. I admit, I thought she would put buttons on the sides too, but having them just in the header is fine too. I had gotten together a bunch of button pictures and she chose the ones she thought looked the best together (I couldn’t make the choice because I love all of the ones I picked). And she did all the work of making the background and encoding it into WordPress, which I really, really, really appreciate; I was totally lost without her guidance. She also took some time to teach me how to switch out the header (I am looking at doing a themed one for every major holiday) and she also showed me how to insert new buttons/links into my sidebar. So, thank you, Stephanie! Your hard work is very much appreciated!

Let me know what you think of it! Did we make good choices in the buttons? Do you like the placement? Should we have done more? Less?

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1 Response to Yay! New Background!

  1. Crunchy Urbanite says:

    I love the background! It looks great. 🙂

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