I really, REALLY want a hedgehog. A live one to love and (carefully) cuddle. But that doesn’t look like it is going to happen anytime soon. So, I had another thought–what if I make BUTTONS of hedgehogs? You know, find some adorable pictures of them being their cute little selves, and stick those on a button. What do you think? Is this a good idea? Would it (possibly) sell? Should I just make a few for myself and shut up?

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3 Responses to Hmmm.

  1. Max Bell says:

    I don’t have any experience with Etsy, but I wanted to say, the slogans you’re coming up with are TOTES clever. I’d think they’d go over exceptionally well at DragonCon/ComicCon/PAX etc.

    As for actually buying a hedgehog, another option is to search craigslist and the like for rescue animals — that’s how I found Tobias. He was $50 — most breeders will advise people strongly to avoid simply giving the animals away, since this puts them into bad environments, and rescue animals tend to have been neglected/abused/become sick etc. — a seriously sick animal can be expensive in it’s own right, but an abused/neglected animal can be overcome just through patience.

    It’s not worth it to be too cautious with them, either. It’s kind of a shock at first, and they really CAN bite hard if they want to, but ordinarily they don’t want to pick a fight with anybody THAT much bigger than them and won’t bite as hard as they can unless they’re REALLY agitated. Basically? You just learn to ignore it — it’s not that bad. And hedgehogs are all about feeling secure, so if you’re confident and don’t let them startle you, it makes them feel more confident about you.

    They’re MUCH more intelligent than anything with a brain the size of pea ought to be, and they’re very good at reading moods and feelings.

    • I have considered selling some of my comic/anime buttons at the local anime/manga convention, but my best friend nixed that idea when she told me I couldn’t make or sell anything with official art on it there. I was not even aware of Dragon-Con being held until this week when my facebook pals started posting about it. I will definitely look into sci-fi or comic conventions–my phrase buttons are popular on Etsy and should prove equally popular there.

      I would never have thought of looking on Craigslist! I like the idea of getting a rescue animal; it just makes me feel like I am really helping. But my inexperience might be a hindrance to a really sick or neglected animal. I will have to look into this more.

      Stay confident and the hedgehog will be confident about me. Got it!

      You are a wealth of information!

  2. Hedgehog on a stick pin? Interesting. You never know until you try. Go for it!

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