NONE of my Halloween buttons have sold! I am surprised at this. I did a good variety of them, from candy corn to black cats to Frankenstein’s Monster and its Bride, to a ghost. There are “zombie goodies” and bats and a witch and a dancing skeleton. There is even Snoopy playing with a jack-o-lantern! So why haven’t any of them found good homes yet? They look great! I also listed them for Day of the Dead, but that failed to get any serious attention either.

I made a Thanksgiving Snoopy button with him dressed in a pilgrim outfit. THAT one sold within a few hours of me putting it up. Go figure. When my mom (and business partner) suggested I make a Thanksgiving one I was not sure it would get much attention. I mean, I haven’t really seen a lot of Thanksgiving decoration aside from the stuff you put on your table, like salt/pepper shakers and table runners and centerpieces. But apparently there are people out there who like Thanksgiving buttons.

I am hoping my Christmas buttons will get more notice. Santa, Frosty, Snoopy and Charlie Brown, and angels. I have some other Christmas/winter designs but am a little reluctant to put them up, given what happened with the Halloween buttons. Should I go ahead and list them? Do you think they will get more notice? Or should I just give them as gifts to friends?

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