Sorry it has been awhile. I have been busy with making the kitty buttons, moving my office, and re-listing buttons on Etsy. I have listed some of the cat buttons and plan to list more in the coming days, and I should work on those hedgehog buttons. But I had another idea. Bird buttons! I love toucans, peacocks, and macaws, and think those would make great items, and I am open to using songbirds or other exotic birds as well. What do you think?

Here is the Toucan button I have listed currently.

And here is the Peacock button in my shop:

Finally, here is the eagle button in my store:

What are your thoughts? Should I look for actual pictures of birds, like the toucan in the first one? Or continue with drawings? Does it matter? Do you think these will sell? Speak your mind!

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Out of Sadness…comes buttons.

I’m trying not to use this blog for personal stuff, but on this occasion, I feel like doing so. My oldest kitty Shadow passed away on Wednesday after 16 wonderful years. At first I thought of blowing up and framing a picture of him to hang on my wall…but then I decided that was heading into “crazy cat lady” territory and changed my mind. When I mentioned this fancy to my mother, she suggested that instead I make a button with my beloved kitty on it. That was a very good idea. But I decided to do buttons of more than just Shadow. I am thinking of making buttons with cute cats from all over doing cute things on them, but I am not sure how they will be received. Is this a good idea? Is it only the grief talking? Please let me know what you think. As always, I welcome input.

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I really, REALLY want a hedgehog. A live one to love and (carefully) cuddle. But that doesn’t look like it is going to happen anytime soon. So, I had another thought–what if I make BUTTONS of hedgehogs? You know, find some adorable pictures of them being their cute little selves, and stick those on a button. What do you think? Is this a good idea? Would it (possibly) sell? Should I just make a few for myself and shut up?

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Yay! New Background!

I planned to have a spiffy background back when I made this blog, and one of my best friends was kind enough to come over this afternoon and make it for me. I was just going to have a bunch of buttons scattered across a background that took up most of the page, looking like someone had just thrown them down. There was not any thought on what the buttons would be laying on, or color scheme, or anything beyond the initial idea. So when she suggested that we make a virtual corkboard and spread out only five or six pins across it like they were pinned up on a flair board, it was easy to change my mind. I admit, I thought she would put buttons on the sides too, but having them just in the header is fine too. I had gotten together a bunch of button pictures and she chose the ones she thought looked the best together (I couldn’t make the choice because I love all of the ones I picked). And she did all the work of making the background and encoding it into WordPress, which I really, really, really appreciate; I was totally lost without her guidance. She also took some time to teach me how to switch out the header (I am looking at doing a themed one for every major holiday) and she also showed me how to insert new buttons/links into my sidebar. So, thank you, Stephanie! Your hard work is very much appreciated!

Let me know what you think of it! Did we make good choices in the buttons? Do you like the placement? Should we have done more? Less?

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Introduction To My Style

I try to get a wide variety of subjects in my buttons, yet that is not as easy as it could beĀ  sometimes. My personal style is very cute and bright and colorful, or leans to specific characters. It took a lot of pushing from friends to get me to make buttons with phrases on them, and those have turned out to be some of my best sellers! You never know what will sell–I have made a couple of buttons of popular characters that I thought would sell like hotcakes, but they sit almost unnoticed in my listings. Other buttons that I thought would cater to a select few have taken off like rockets. You just can’t predict these kinds of things.

Anyway, I thought I would give you a taste of some of my work. You can see it all at my shop. Remember, the URL is

Hopalong, little bunny

Decisions, decisions....

Warriors of Love

And just for giggles and kicks, here is one of my 1.25 inch buttons. I prefer to use the bigger 2.25 inch ones but the small ones have their place too. The 1.25 inch buttons are slightly bigger than a quarter.

Soft Yet Fierce

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Hello world!

I have a lot of hobbies/loves, from reading to crocheting to making domino magnets and playing video games. About a year ago I started seriously collecting pinback buttons, or “flair”. When she saw how much joy it brought me, one of my best friends suggested that I start making and selling buttons myself. I took her advice, reluctantly at first…..and now I love it! I look at everything wondering how it would look on a button, and I even find myself dreaming quite frequently of making a sale. It was a wonderful decision! This blog will help me work out some ideas for my buttons, as well as advertising for my Etsy site and allowing me to get to know others in the button-crafting community. Eventually I might branch out into selling other craft projects as well.

Pretty much all of my selling will be done through (at least for now), but I am open to talking to potential customers. I do custom orders and can take the information from you here. Etsy is a wonderful site and I highly recommend it, but if you are not on Etsy and do not want to sign up to another site for just one order, we can work something else out.

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