Sorry I’ve been away for so long. I had some personal issues in January that put me into a deep depression, and I got out of the button-making and selling business for a while. I just started back up this week, and not only is one of my best friends helping me develop a website AWAY from Etsy to sell buttons, but my other best friend has pretty much convinced me to try and sell my buttons at a craft show in May. I’m up to 253 sales on Etsy too! So, things are looking up. And my website friend is taking some buttons up to Anime Boston to sell for me when she goes!

My birthday was great, although money has been a little tight the last few months so I wasn’t able to do everything I wanted to. Again, I didn’t sell any holiday-themed buttons, but because I love the shamrock (and pretty much anything related to Saint Patrick’s Day), I am leaving them up year-round, so maybe I’ll get some interest in them another time. I’ve listed some spring buttons, but nothing specifically Easter-related. I figure the pattern will hold and Easter buttons probably would not sell. Watch something prove me wrong now, just because.

I’ve spent the last week getting a PAGES of new phrases for buttons, and I’ve attacked my stash of adorable Japanese stationery as well, so I have a new inventory that’s going to be going up soon. Thanks for reading!

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