Fangirling Again!

Damn, I really need to keep better track of this thing. Bad Haku! *smacks self on forehead*

On to what I came here to talk about–the Uncanny X-MEN. I went to see the new movie tonight and fell in love! It’s awesome! It moved me, it floored me, it inspired me. Mainly inspired my writing, but I’m thinking of button ideas too. I have some comic buttons up on Etsy now, but aside from one featuring Polaris and another talking about Wolverine’s adamantium skeleton, I don’t have any buttons focusing on the X-Men. I plan to change that fact as soon as physically possible. I am definitely going to do the instantly recognizable ones like Mystique and Beast, but if I can find a good iconic picture of Emma Frost (preferably in her diamond form) as well as nice pics of the others, I will do them too. The comic book buttons haven’t really garnered the attention I wanted though. I’ve only sold one comic book item and that was a button featuring Catwoman and Batman facing off in front of the Bat Signal. None of my Marvel ones have sold. HOWEVER. I refuse to let that fact stop me. There are comic book fans out there on Etsy. I know it. I just have to dial in to the right character/series/movie at the right time. Captain America, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, and several DC characters couldn’t get the job done, but maybe the sheer variety of the X-Men and their powers will spark some interest. Hey, maybe I should do one of a character wielding fire!

Also, in the previews before the movie, I saw a trailer for the next Transformers movie. That one looks amazing too! I love both of the previous Transformers films, and while watching this trailer I decided I should show that love with buttons. Unfortunately, the very images of the robots that look so awesome on the screen will be pretty much impossible to translate successfully on a 2.25 inch circle. I may be stuck with phrases and the symbols for the warring factions. I’ll see what I can do. Any thoughts?

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